5 Ways We Reignite A Love for Learning

SET High students smile while eating lunch outside on the steps, comfortable with their individuality

5 Ways We Reignite A Love for Learning

The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), is a great place to challenge the mind and ignite a love for learning. Not every student out there understands just how awesome our tuition-free public high school is, so we prepared this list of Top 5 Reasons to Attend Set High:

Passion Fuels Learning and Discovery

  • SET High is a California Distinguished School for achieving exceptional student performance. Critical thinking and risk taking abound here. Our students are SETUP for success through the entrepreneurial mindset which includes a focus on: Social Responsibility, Effective Leadership, Tenacity & Grit, Uncertainty as Opportunity, and Passion, Purpose, and Performance. It works- we’re closing the achievement gap more every year.
  • Passion projects ignite/reignite a love for learning. Our students prove to us that when they dig deep into SET Passion Projects, attendance and engagement increases through to graduation, and ultimately leads to high achievement. The excellence students strive for in their Passion Projects, can be translated into academic excellence.

Intensely Personal Approach to High School

  • Our flexible approach to high school gives our students the independence to pursue a personal, meaningful learning journey towards their dreams, and prepares them for greatness beyond graduation. We balance each student’s passions with standards-based requirements. Unique electives like Debunking Disney and Monsters in Literature are designed and taught by our engaging educators who turn their passions into teachable moments.
  • Each student receives individual attention from our multi-talented educators (12:1 student-to-educator ratio) and a healthy camaraderie with classmates on our small inclusive campus. Our intellectually rigorous and welcoming environment allows students to open up, embrace who they are, and ultimately meet or exceed academic and personal expectations.
  • SET High has a special relationship with Mesa College that allows students to get SET for Life. Motivated students can meet graduation requirements in their Junior year and then use their Senior year to complete 6 college classes at no cost to the student. SET is possibly the best opportunity to expose hungry young adults to the richness of life. We focus on each students’ talents while providing individual support and community experiences to support each student’s personal journey.


As a California Distinguished School, Set High is enabling the next generation of makers, business leaders and innovators, big thinkers and big dream chasers. We are confident in our investment in our students’ personalized education within our small tuition-free public high school. Have we piqued your curiosity? Check us out- we’re enrolling now!

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified teachers. Students build a healthy camaraderie with classmates inside an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out individual talents and personality, helping develop character and direction in life. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!