Fundraising Campaigns

SET High: A community where students become their best selves and achieve academic excellence.

At SET High, we believe that in a truly safe environment, students will flourish. We encourage our students to let go of the pressures around them and discover their passion, and voice. We believe that our unique social-emotional curriculum and ethos educates the whole student. SET High strives to be the leader in this positive approach to education.

All students are our most important investment. Compared to the top-ten states, we at SET, are underfunded. With the help of you, our friends, we are looking to raise $2,500 per student. With this additional infusion of capital, we can perform with even greater innovation and continue to expand upon our level of service to our students.

We invite you to be a part of our educational village. Please help us fuel our future leaders and innovators!

Our ultimate goal is for our students to graduate as innovative, creative, compassionate, strong leaders. Our administration’s strict enforcement of SET’s anti-bullying policy and proactive approach to problem solving, as well as our community’s warm and welcoming environment, makes this happen. So does your contribution toward our leading-edge programs and remarkable students!

Watch to see what makes us great!

See why our students and their families LOVE our school:

  • “Small school…personalized attention…students encouraged and given opportunities to follow their passions (rocketry, radio show, mock trial, robotics, cyber-security, sports, senior projects)! SET is an extended family.”Elinor W.
  • “We chose SET because my daughter wanted to be able to be 100% herself and not fall through the cracks as just a number on a huge campus.”Debra L.
  • “SET wants my daughter to be a leader, a thinker, and a doer as much as I do.” — Alan B.
  • “SET offers so much more than we imagined, an excellent curriculum, great classroom support and fantastic extra curricular activities. We also love that SET is so accepting and supporting of all students. We looked at so many other schools but none offered what SET does. I highly recommend SET.”Elsa S.
  • “I view the school (faculty) personally involved in the development and ultimate success of the students!”Fernando C.
  • “The reason I choose SET is because the teacher to student ratio in the classroom is usually two teachers in a room. My child is never lost in a big classroom or passed along or forgotten. The funding that SET gets is actually used on the children. That fact, to me as a parent, is so much different than compared to a general San Diego high school. The Spanish room, for example, looks like you have walked into Spain and the science lab looks like a real lab. The amount of electives here is insane! The fact they can learn how to build computers from the ground up and have alternative ways of learning and using their hands is amazing! I also have a son with special needs who hated going to school everyday, but, since starting at SET, he loves going to school, that is huge. So, if you have a child with an IEP or just an amazing smart child, I would recommend this school to any parent, as both my sons attend, one with special needs and one without.”Krissy H.
This year, we have two ways to donate and share our message. Please check out our GoFundMe page and help us reach our goal this year! Thank you so much, in advance!