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Hybrid SET in the news! Watch NBC7’s Interview with Principal Neil McCurdy

NBC7 returns to talk Hybrid SET with Ms. Geis and SET students.

SET Named California Distinguished School (NBC7)

Virtual SET on NBC7

Ms. Geis’ class on “Strength of Mind and Body” featured on NBC7

See what Kevin goes through each day to attend SET that many students would never do.

In this snippet, Leadership Educator Nicky Geis talks to the students at SET about how important it is to be their authentic selves. Click HERE to watch the full video.

Watch to see what it is about SET High that makes these students want to attend.

Watch the SET Entrepreneurship segment on CBS.

Dr. McCurdy and Nya Balelo-Wheaton on KUSI discussing how students can benefit from changing schools mid-year.

Watch the SET Rocketry segment on CBS.


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