Nicky and Me Podcast: Reflections from SET High’s Principals

Let’s talk all things SET High! Dr. Neil McCurdy and Nicky Geis (Ms. G to her students!) chat about what’s going on at our small public high school in this podcast. Together they share what makes SET so SET and how high school can be better than you ever imagined. 

This podcast series focuses on 9th – 12th grade, navigating SET’s halls and academic life during this transformative educational and experiential time. They might even get around to figuring out what they want to do when they grow up.

Episode 3 – SET Wins Award for the Wrong Reasons

Episode 2 – School Attendance and Mental Health

We dive into how to get students to come to school and the reasons why it is so difficult for some to go to school.

Episode 1 – Why a Podcast and is College Worth It