ROAR: Responsibility, Organization, Accountability, Resilience

SET offers a standardized, flexible, and personalized learning approach to education, meaning that we assist parents and students in crafting an educational program tailored to accomplish academic career goals for each and every individual student. To assist in this process, SET uses an advisory program or ROAR. Advisory is used to educate students about Responsibility, Organization, Accountability, and Resilience. Once enrolled, each student is assigned an advisory teacher that the student will keep throughout their high school experience. Our advisory is the initial point of contact for parents and students.

ROAR Highlights

  • Advisory is our “built in” counseling program that provides the “competitive edge” for getting to college, while building the skill set needed to graduate from college.
  • 5 foci
    • College-Going Focus: The opportunity to know, explore, and prepare for what colleges want and expect for four years
    • International Community Service Focus: Gain the knowledge about our shrinking world
    • Local Community Service Focus: The opportunity to become a local community leader and give altruistically
    • Units of Study Focus: Emotional, social, and academic growth concepts and discussions
    • Business Mentor Focus: The partnership of local businesses that guide, direct, and inform students about the business world