What is H-P?

At SET, we pay particular attention to the A-G requirements implemented by the UC system.

As a school for entrepreneurship and an institution on the cutting edge of education and innovation, however, SET also emphasizes the importance of going beyond mere A-G requirements–something we like to call H-P.

While A-G requirements, common core, and standardized testing all serve a role in our education system, SET recognizes the limitations of these precepts–and strives to provide students with a broader approach to education and a more varied skill set–one that will cultivate life-long learning and emotional intelligence in addition to the all-important entrepreneurial knowledge we impart at SET.

SET students get SET for life.

At SET, our students acquire an H-P philosophy, learning and cultivating specific concepts.

What is H-P?
  • Hypothesis-driven Learning
  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Judiciousness
  • Kindness
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Narrative Building
  • Opportunity Recognition and Analysis
  • Passion-Purpose-Performance