The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET) is a WASC-accredited, college preparatory, public charter high school, chartered by the San Diego Unified School District.

As an accredited charter school, enrollment is open to all – and tuition is free.
Admissions Policy (Click Here)

Governing Law: Admission requirements, if applicable. – California Education Code Section 47605(b)(5)(H)

The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET) is pioneering a new approach to education.

SET offers amazing opportunities for students to become Innovative, Creative, Compassionate, Strong Leaders.

UC A-G courses and College classes on campus build a strong foundation for the future. To continue in our tradition of Entrepreneurship and Technology, SET offers Systems Administration, Robotics, Computer Science, 3D graphics, and engineering classes. Marketing and Leadership classes tie in with our Passion Talks that are delivered to the entire school every three weeks by an inspiring, successful member of the San Diego business community. Passion Projects fuel each student’s love for learning. Prior to graduating, SET requires an internship with an outside business and encourages 150 hours of community service.