Praise for SET

Parent & Student Testimonials

I really love this school, and the staff is great. Dr. McCurdy is a terrific principal. He’s involved and connected with the students. Since coming here my daughter has made new friends, is doing better in class, and she is happy. The teachers are wonderful, helpful, and truly care about my daughter’s academic and emotional well being. SET High has been a great experience for our family.

Carrie Banna

Our son is a sophomore here and loves this school. The administration truly cares about these kids, all you have to do to see that is sit in the lobby at watch them greet the students or watch them say goodbye at the end of the day. The students have chances to thrive here in a way they wouldn’t in a regular public school. The classes are small and the teachers work at the perfect pace to keep kids interested. There is a huge variety of classes to choose from. The block scheduling is perfect for my child and has allowed him to take more classes than peers in traditional schools, which he likes. I’ve watched him grow into a young man who knows what his education goals are and he is reaching high for them. This school has given him the power to do that. They care so much about the kids and teach in a way that gets the kids excited to learn. Unfortunately this will be his last year with SET because we are a military family, but I’m confident that what he’s learned these 2 years here will help him easily transition into a new high school. I’ll be honest, this school isn’t for everyone, but for kids like mine, it’s the perfect high school. We are so lucky to have had the chance to be at this school while living in San Diego.

SET Parent

I felt the school did a good job of reaching out to all students and creating a learning environment where they could work in classrooms with teachers who took a personal interest in them as students and as human beings. The class size was small so students could receive individual help while also working in groups to learn collaboration. The English 12 teacher was especially innovative in her teaching methods reaching students who may have originally not had a good experience in English. She reached out to the community to provide real world learning and an opportunity for her students to hear from people that may very well employ them in the future. The school provided great information about college going and all the teachers were willing to meet and discuss each students progress anytime. They all communicated well and made sure everyone was well informed about their student’s work, strengths, and needs. I would recommend this school to students and families interested in a school community where the focus is the students, helping them meet their greatest potential.

SET Parent

My child had excelled in this school after many years at other schools that failed him.

SET Parent

My son chose SET. He attended a progressive, socially emotionally supportive charter school for 5-8 grades, and when we came to check out the school in his eighth-grade year, he immediately felt at home. We have been thrilled with the compassionate care he has received from the amazing teachers and administration at SET. Small class sizes and recurring teachers has allowed him to get to know the teachers and give them the opportunity to know him. It is clear that they care about the young adult he is becoming. A few teachers have worked closely with him encouraging him to reach beyond his comfort zone. This is a place where kids can be themselves and have their differences celebrated. The administration strives to design challenging curriculum around student interest, and student voice is welcome in making important decisions. These kids feel like SET is THEIR school. And it truly is!

Jennifer Franklin

SET is unique and centered on the realism of the world, promoting honest, hard-working youth.

Shannon Harmon

I’ve never seen students care so much and react so positively to a staff.

Jennifer Weisbruch

We chose it because it seemed like a small, highly individualistic school where the strengths of each student can be discovered, nurtured, and developed.

Adriana LaCorte Maher

There were many reasons why I chose SET high school for my son, just telling one of the many reasons is hard to do, as I must choose only one of the reasons, so here goes one reason…the feelings I got, each time I walked through the doors of this high school, was, kindness, caring, and each child being there unique selves as they work through their days at this wonderful unique school.

Loreta Stella

My son is a freshman this year and really likes the school. He loves the small class sizes and is making friends. The teachers seem to really care about the kids and have answered my emails in 24 hours or less. The principal stays in good communication with the students and parents via weekly emails and is easy to approach. As a working parent, I really like the school’s You Tube channel so you can see special events and assemblies. They have no tolerance for bullying and the kids individuality is respected. My son also likes the variety of classes like 3D Graphics, Robotics, and Cyber Security. I’m glad I found this school for my son who would have fallen through the cracks at a large high school.

SET Parent

I am a junior at the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology. I’ve been attending SET High for three years and it’s been an amazing experience. The limited amount of students that are put in each classroom creates a better learning environment. Teachers are able to focus and help each student understand what they’re being taught. If you’re looking for a school that will help improve your child’s learning needs, the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the perfect match.

Teresa Blancas

My kids both go here and I have watched them grow and mature in ways that not only I value, but am confident they have started to obtain and maintain skills that will make them successful in the future. This school has an effective approach to homework: With the 4×4 format, the kids have a lot of time to learn the material and start homework in class. I also like the way the teachers post homework on their websites and parents can follow up on Power School. Teachers at this school are effective: The teachers really take the time to get the know the students and because of the small school size they often have multiple classes with them over the years. This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion, and respect. The school is big on reinforcing the concept of doing things the right way and making good decisions in life. Leadership at this school is effective: The staff is firm but fair and always looking to help the students mature into well rounded adults.

SET Parent

The small student population makes it so no one falls between the cracks. The faculty and administration really care about the success of all students.

SET Parent

We chose SET because of its modern approach to academia. Students nowadays need to be challenged. They need to know there are more out there than meets the eye. We do not want them to settle for less. SET feels right for us and that sealed the deal.

Kathrina Sarte

SET offers so much more than we imagined, an excellent curriculum, great classroom support and fantastic extra-curricular activities. We also love that SET is so accepting and supporting of all students. We looked at so many other schools, but none offered what SET does. I highly recommend SET.

Elsa Sevilla

We chose SET for the size of the school and the potential to take some very interesting classes. We continue to choose SET because the staff is very supportive and truly invested in my student’s success.

Judy Rosenzweig

I came to SET because immersion-based learning in a semester-based block system will better prepare my child for college.

Joy Phillips

SET provides our son with a safe and nurturing environment where he can learn, experience, and realize his future. SET is the right environment, having the right people, at the right time for our son to grow into adulthood.

Andy Spydell