SET Parent Association

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The SET Parent Association (PA) was established in 2020 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization for
the benefit of the students and faculty at SET High.

Donations can be made by:

  • check to the SET Parents Association (delivered to the front office)
  • PayPal: paypal.me/setpa22
  • Zelle: setpa.treasurer@gmail.com

We are looking for 100% participation. Any amount will help! And remember, a portion of your
donation may be tax deductible.

We need your support to keep our children’s high school experience enriched and valuable.
Please consider any donation programs your employers may have when making donations.

SET has been dreaming big; here are just a few items on our funding needs list:

  • Sound proofing and dust collection in maker space ($10k)
  • Robotics budget gold standard ($10k)
  • Engineering budget gold standard ($10k)
  • Science budget gold standard ($10k)
  • New laser cutter ($6k)
  • Art supplies ($3k)
  • Individual Passion Project funding budget ($20k)

We also fund smaller individual grants from teachers who might need equipment for their

We have monthly board meetings on the second Saturday of every month and would love for
you to join us.  If you would like to be added to our emails, please contact us
at SETPA.Communications@gmail.com.

Current Board members:

Laura Gunn, President
Carmina Keifer, Vice President
Oksana Polesskaya, Treasurer
Elizabeth Girard, Communications