SET For Life

SET High student smiles with confidence. Students at SET can take MESA College credits for free before graduating high school

SET For Life

What’s your definition of high school? The place where teenagers prepare for a diploma? Single track to college? Stay out of trouble? At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High) we believe high school is the prime place and time for so much more than simply chasing scores and societal approval. We believe it’s our duty, our sincere responsibility, to guide students towards their passion, and get SET for life.

SET High is not your average WASC-accredited, tuition-free public California Distinguished high school in San Diego. We see our role as caring educators who help our students find their core selves and develop into their own best version of an engaged, open, global citizen (while still achieving academically, of course).

More than a GPA

High school is one of the major times in life where students entertain adult ideas while still grappling with identity, diversity, and, let’s face it, hormones. Where better to safely grow academically, physically, and socially than high school? It’s one thing to get the grade, it’s another to learn how to be mature enough for life outside of high school. According to these parents/guardians of SET High students, we’re teaching our students more about themselves than any grade point average could reveal.

“My child has learned academic and life skills to deal with her future. She is prepared to deal with the after affect of the pandemic and in some areas develop more socially and emotionally from the effects of it as well.” – Erna, guardian of a Senior

“Being seen and understood by teachers builds confidence and finding a passion builds motivation. With these, I feel my kids can do anything!” – Jennifer, guardian of a Senior and Sophomore.

“SET High has been very instrumental in my daughter’s four years of high school. They guided her with achieving the required SDUSD curriculum to graduate, learn intrapersonal relationships with peers & staff, and how to problem solve. SET high also gave my daughter the freedom to decide for herself and to find out what is right from wrong without forcing her to embrace a certain belief. My daughter was accepted to multiple known colleges and universities not because of luck, but because she has a 4.4 GPA and a very good writing skill. These would not have been possible without the dedicated teaching staff of SET High.” – Kathrina, parent of a Senior.

Early Graduation: Not Recommended

We believe that graduating early is not the best option for high-achievers because 10th and 11th grade students tend to be too immature for college. Advanced Placement (AP) courses aren’t our style either- our teaching style, based on flexibility and passion, wouldn’t fit into that rigid mold. Besides, some colleges don’t consider the AP credit. So what do we do for students thirsty for more knowledge in their preferred subjects and eager to achieve more? 

We believe that getting SET for college is a four-year process that begins freshman year and is reinforced every step along the way. SET High created a partnership with Mesa College, which provides students the opportunity to take up to 3 college courses per semester once students have met the SET High graduation requirements, and 2 college courses per semester once they have completed 10th grade.

This allows SET high students to accumulate college credits at no cost while still maintaining freshman eligibility for college when they graduate as more mature seniors. 

“SET has been a magical and supportive school for my daughter to attend these past four years. Her time here has prepared her for the future both academically and in terms of life. For example, having the opportunity to take Honors and college courses has helped prepare her to succeed in college. SET has taught her valuable lessons that she can apply to her own life and has allowed her to build relationships with both students and teachers that she will remember throughout her life.” – Aureoni, parent of a Senior.

“SET marco un parteaguas en la vida estudiantil de mi hija. Despues de SET mi hija es mas segura, aboga por ella misma, aprendio academicamente y maduro tambien. [SET marked a turning point in my daughter’s student life. After SET my daughter is more confident, advocates for herself- learned academically and matured as well.]” – Carolina, parent of a senior.

What SET students gain from our free public high school is possibly the best opportunity to expose hungry young adults to the richness of life. We focus on each students’ talents while providing individual support and community experiences to support their personal journey. So regardless of whether students can graduate early or not, we will advocate for them to stay in our high school, further study free courses that expand their passion, and continue to grow as amazing, compassionate, forward-thinking citizens.

We equip our students with the tools and confidence to pursue their passion and get SET for life. Want to join us? We are always looking for a new generation of leaders with the mindSET to change the world for the better. Enroll with us today!

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified teachers. Students build a healthy camaraderie with classmates inside an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out individual talents and personality, helping develop character and direction in life. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!