Then…And Now: SET High Site Manager Carrie Heath

The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High) site manager, Carrie Heath, shares high school yearbook photo and current photo with a plumeria flower tucked behind her ear. 

Then…And Now: SET High Site Manager Carrie Heath

What’s the secret to Carrie Heath’s success as the composed, unflappable site manager at the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High)? As much as she daydreams about teleporting to our tuition-free 9th-12th grade high school when stuck in San Diego traffic, it’s probably more the pre-cooked meals waiting for her at home (amazing!), being an early riser, seeing all the drama in her theatre days, and eating a good breakfast every day. Breakfast matters! 

We talked to Carrie about what she was like as a high school student back in ye olden days of the late 20th century and she still remembers the important things like her after school snacks- because snacks matter too!

What career did you want to pursue when you were in high school?


Did you have any after-school and/or summer jobs while in high school?

I did professional theatre from the age of 5.  In addition to acting, I also worked front of house (House Manager) and in the Box Office (Patron Services).  I also worked in the Recreation Department for the Hotel Del Coronado.  During my time there, we had an event for Audrey Geisel (Dr. Seuss’ widow), who was a prominent San Diegan.  For that, I dressed up as the Grinch all day.

What school activities were you involved with in high-school? 

Theatre (professional), a music group in high school called Music Tech Ensemble, for which I played the keyboard and sang, and working as a camp counselor for several summers at a retreat called Forest Home.

What music did you love listening to in high school? Now?

Rock, alt rock and musical soundtracks in high school.  Now, still rock but more classic rock and blues, along with rap and hip hop.

Did you attend any memorable concerts in high school? 

There was this Christian music festival called Lollapaloma that I attended with my youth group.  Pretty tame but it felt epic at the time.  Point Loma Nazarene University always hosted.

What was your go-to after school snack in high school? What about now?

Chips and salsa at my friend’s, whose house was halfway to mine.  Now?  A beer.

What did you eat for lunch in high school? What about now?

Turkey sandwich, string cheese, crackers, stuff like that.  Now, pre-cooked meals that are delivered to my house every week.

What was your favorite class in high school? What class would you like to take now at SET?

I think my favorite class was probably AP Psych.  Now, I’d want to take Ms. Lennon’s Debunking Disney (one of our unique electives) or Ms. Jokanovic’s Psychology.

How did you get around in high school? How do you get around now?

My mom  brought us to school and then we walked home.  When I got my license, I was able to buy a used car outright from all the acting work I’d been doing, so then I drove my brother, some friends and myself to and from school.  Still drive now – you have to in San Diego.

What an incredible high school experience you had! What do you love about SET- what sets it apart from other schools?

SET has a completely unique environment.  It is welcoming, warm, and a place where respect is shown and shared to every single person.  This is a direct trickle down from our amazing Admin team and the example they set.

And finally, what is something you wish you knew at age 19?

How much a house would cost in 2024 and that I’d better start saving…

You’re in good hands at our California Distinguished School with Carrie here to keep our high school production focused on engaging you.  Design your own learning path with us, we’re enrolling now!

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