Exceptional Electives

Exceptional Electives

Students are igniting a buzz around town, sharing with friends how cool the electives are at The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High). 8th graders who visit SET for a Shadow Day inevitably mention with excitement that they are intrigued by our electives. Offering a deeper dive into unique subjects that foster curiosity, creativity and critical thinking is one of the many reasons that we see these 8th graders return to SET for 9th grade. 

In addition to the top quality academic classes we teach at SET, our elective courses offer students a wide range of subjects to explore. From Civil Litigation Trials to Making Beats: the Basics of Music Production, to Debunking Disney, our high quality instructors are inspired to share individual interests and passions through our electives. 

SET High teachers are energized by teaching personal favorites which in turn engages our students’ curiosities. The approach to teaching through unique and wide-ranging courses sets us apart from other schools. Our creative and innovative high school is public, tuition-free, and a great option for all 9th to 12th graders in San Diego, CA.

Debunking Disney and YouTube: Creating a Personal Brand

We believe that there is not one intelligence, beauty, athletic ability, religion, body type, learning style, sexual orientation, or gender expression that all should be measured against. This is one reason that SET High teachers chose to create unique classes like Debunking Disney and YouTube: Creating a Personal Brand. Our innovative classes encourage deep inquiry, providing SET students with awareness and strength to accept and celebrate every individual.

Unique Curriculum 

SET’s electives are largely inventive, one-of-a-kind classes designed to open students’ minds to new directions of inquiry. The focus on teaching through a unique lense doesn’t stop at elective courses though – it also shapes many of our core curriculum classes as well. We love sprinkling creativity and unexpected challenges into all areas of learning. Check out the courses on our website for a comprehensive look into educational offerings at SET High. In the meantime, here is a brief list of the dynamic courses that we have offered:

  • 3D Graphics
  • Android App Development
  • Civil Litigation Trials
  • Debunking Disney
  • Documentary Design
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Forensics
  • Graphic Novels
  • Improv
  • Influential Leaders: World Religions and Beyond
  • Lenses of Leadership
  • Making Beats: the Basics of Music Production
  • Passion Project
  • Peer Counseling
  • Robotics: Building Cool Stuff
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Solving Big Problems
  • Startup Dot Com
  • Strength of Mind and Body
  • Theater: Acting with Confidence
  • Writing as a Career
  • YouTube: Creating a Personal Brand

Inclusive Education that Transforms Lives

Every 9th to 12th grader is welcomed and celebrated at SET High. We believe every student intrinsically has what’s needed to thrive in whatever field chosen and we teach the skills that make it all possible. We love teaching students to break the molds that are no longer working in order to open minds, hearts, and opportunities – setting up a brighter future for all. Our students are our inspiration. Together we are creating new pathways for individual and global change – each and every day!

We keep our doors open for all students regardless of past experience or performance. Visit our website to enroll your student today, or call us at 858.874.4338 so one of our friendly staff can answer any questions. 

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified teachers, a healthy camaraderie with classmates and an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out students’ talents and personalities. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!