Mental Health Support for All

SET High students and staff enjoying a break outside

Mental Health Support for All

Everyone needs support. Mental health is not only a key component to living a full and healthy life, it is also critical to being able to complete tasks and move toward personal goals. This is why we decided to place our focus on providing mental health support for all at The School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High). Perhaps not surprisingly, once we implemented programs to support the mental health of our educators, we noticed SET students reaping the benefits alongside their teachers.

When we received the state of California Educator Effectiveness Grant funds, our priority at SET High was to focus on supporting our staff’s mental health needs. The last several years demanded more from educators than anything we have seen before. Recognizing the challenge  and supporting each other’s mental health is the greatest way we can support our school community. 

Happy Educators = Uplifting Student Experiences

The state grant money that was allocated had specific parameters. We were to use the money to make us better educators and increase staff retention. By continuing to improve how each educator works and making sure great teachers stay at SET High, we are creating uplifting student experiences and expanding SET’s positive culture

In order to allocate support from this grant, our board outlined simple requirements. The activity chosen must provide multiple benefits and be associated with fun outside of school hours. Activities also must be done with at least one other colleague in order to support our team bonding goal.

SET educators enjoy a wide variety of activities, all of which provide a positive impact on the school community that is palpable throughout our hallways. In a collaborative brainstorm, we discovered that many of our ideas for things to do were already of interest to the group outside of school and work life. Here are a few examples of activities we offer SET’s educators as mental health support:

  • Rock climbing memberships
  • Gym memberships
  • Taking classes for fun
  • Memberships to DisneyLand

There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

When people are tired, stressed or overwhelmed, a small gesture of support can make a difference. One of the simple ways we have decided to support SET teachers is by providing free lunch. As part of our professional development program, this is an easy way to take care of our teachers and to say thank you.

Collaboration and Working Together Helps Students do the Same

The trickle down effect happens naturally at SET High. Taking care of our educators is one way that we lead by example, and students are responding. We see positive signs daily as students work more collaboratively and bring more curiosity to the classroom. 

As a tuition-free public high school serving grades 9-12, everyone here is warm and welcoming to each other, accepting of our differences, and celebratory of the simple things that bring us together. SET students are open to feedback and work together to find solutions when facing  challenges. 

Looking for a New High School?

We are here for you. If your high schooler is ready for a new level of support and seeking next-level opportunities, call us today at 858.874.4338 and talk to one of our friendly staff. Visit our website to learn more! 

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