Chess is Making a Comeback!

SET High students playing chess in the cafeteria

Chess is Making a Comeback!

The connecting power of board games

A sense of calm and stillness settles over players when they sit down for a chess game. Chess requires its players to be present, focused and patient. It is not a game to rush through and play quickly. 

We decided to paint a few chess boards onto our tables to encourage dynamic learning, foster the development of perseverance and spend time together at The School of Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High). Chess is a game that keeps our brains healthy and improves our overall ability to learn new things. An article in the Science Times states that chess improves memory, enhances reading skills, develops planning and foresight, and even supports recovering from a stroke or disability,

We were curious if our students would enjoy this classic game and the interest level has far exceeded expectations. Our chess boards have been in full use – several games have drawn crowds during students’ lunch period. 

At SET High we teach that learning and excellence come in many forms. There is not one correct or ideal type of achievement that all should be measured against. We prepare students to thrive both personally and professionally in an increasingly global, technology-driven society. 

Chess Helps Students Relax

We know that preparing students to thrive is unique to the individual. We believe that every student has a spark of passion within that needs to be discovered, supported and cultivated for them to thrive. At SET, we create opportunities for our students to explore which helps each student discover interests and passions that fuel learning and discovery.

One way to help drive learning and discovery is to take time to relax. As humans, we tend to speed up and get more focused with the use of technology. This is an incredibly helpful skill in many areas of life and work, yet if we speed up too much, it can cause anxiety. Surprisingly, the skill to think fast and innovate is strengthened when we slow down and take time to use our brains in different ways. 

“Chess can stimulate deep concentration and calm, which helps (people) with anxiety to relax” states the Science Times article 10 Things Chess Does to Your Brain. Building friendships is another way to help our brains relax, and games are one of the most direct ways to connect and  build rapport with others.

Learning Through Failure, Learning Through Games

The Medium.com article Games are Human Nature states “Games create a sense of fulfillment, progression, and purpose which is what all humans desire. …Failing allows you to learn, so fail often and fast when you can without losing the game.”  

Our compassionate, dedicated and supportive teachers at SET High embrace this important aspect of life: Failure can be the best way to learn. Receiving support through failure and taking time to understand what happened are keys to learning and succeeding in the future. In a game of chess, each player has the opportunity to earn small successes and experience small failures many times each game. Learning from experience is imperative. The student using a long term strategy and learning from mistakes is the one that typically wins. 

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