Student Retreats & Mental Health

SET students at the Zoo during student retreat week

Student Retreats & Mental Health

How SET High cares for the mental health of our students

In these first few days of Fall, 2021, one of the things we are celebrating together at the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), is the success of our school- wide retreats. Acknowledging that we have all been socially isolated for 18 months, we decided to be proactive in getting students to interact, connect, and let loose a little. Bringing back our Student Retreats was one of our first priorities in supporting positive reintegration to in-person schooling.

Authentic human connection and building friendships is such a key part of a healthy life, and so we created retreats for every grade level with this key as our foremost goal.

SET Student Retreat at the Zoo, students taking photo with polar bear statues

Retreats Were a Big Success!

We are so thankful that we persevered with the retreats even given the craziness of organizing this during COVID-19. Each grade level had their own retreat designed to bring students together in experiencing something fun and out of the ordinary. Our SET High Freshman class took over the school, and all other grades went on field trips.

SET students in Belmont Park during student retreat week

The tangible mental health and positive connections we see coming out of these retreats have inspired us to commit our next round of COVID-19 funding to creating more opportunities for field trips such as College visits, local San Diego site visits, and even some overnight trips into sites across California and Arizona. SET High is known for giving great opportunities to our students to connect with the colleges and communities around us, and we look forward to continuing this tradition while maintaining all safety protocols.

SET High Freshmen play games outside during their School Takeover Retreat

At our 9th grade School Takeover Retreat it was great seeing the students finding friends and growing into their role as high schoolers. We even had some brave students do presentations in front of the whole grade at the end of the retreat, explaining how they grew over the last few days in the areas of SETUP: Social Responsibility, Effective Leadership, Tenacity and Grit, Uncertainty as Opportunity, and Passion, Purpose and Performance. This is a great group of students and we look forward to seeing them grow over the next 4 years.

SET students ride a rollercoaster on their Student Retreat

Visiting Animals, Riding Rides, & Bowling

We all need to shake up our routine and have a little fun sometimes. This is especially true since gathering has become more complex to organize — it seems to be even more important. Students in each grade level came back excited to tell us stories about their retreats. The 10th graders went to the zoo, 11th graders apparently rode the roller coaster in Belmont Park until late into the night, and the 12th graders had a great time bowling.

We could never have accomplished this without the support of all our SET High staff and community. Thank you to the staff for putting together all the details that made these retreats happen, and thanks to the parents for getting your students to the venues!

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