3Ps — Passion, Purpose, Performance

2019 Students at SET High, waving and giving thumbs up

3Ps — Passion, Purpose, Performance

What is your passion? At the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High), we’re here to make it fun. Our students explore many different directions in order to discover which subjects ignite their passions. Then we individually partner and support each student’s unique pursuit.

Students working on what they are passionate about find it easier to pick a direction that they enjoy following and choose a purpose they truly care about, which bolsters their performance in all areas of life.

We enable every SET student to outline, expand on and tackle their passion – we may even share a few! We also schedule a line up of inspiring people from the community to give Passion Talks, and we proactively set aside time for students to dream up new things to try out. Whether in groups or on their own, it’s always fun to  see what sparks a Passion Project.

We believe that supporting each individual to spark and pursue their passion enhances the journey to being their most aware selves. This is a big part of our “secret sauce.” The freedom we give our students  allows them to be seen and safe to explore what they truly love, while being held within our rigorous academic structure. This partnership of freedom and structure is truly our college prep system which has contributed to SET earning the ranking as San Diego’s only public high school to hold the “California Distinguished School” award.

Pick a path, or three

Knowing how often kids change their minds can make some people’s heads spin. Here, we love supporting the ways our students change and grow. One passion can lead to another, and pursuing something is often more successful at revealing that student’s purpose than actually getting to the original goal.

Finding success often means taking one step after the other, and the same is true with discovering a passion. From learning about robotics to painting the actual doors in the school, students are encouraged to explore what passion is to them. This process of discovery really sparks our students’ curiosities, and is an important part of establishing habits of self reflection and life-long learning. Self-driven learning and following passions is a big part of being an entrepreneur, and we are after all, the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Science experiment in front of SET High building

Performance is the reward

Humans learn best by doing. At SET this is one of our core tenets: Uncertainty as Opportunity. Mistakes and failures are seen as great information and used as a tool to help each student learn from their experiences and discover new opportunities. That means mustering up the willingness to try new things and possibly fail – and then try again.  Actually doing something new and uncharted is the reward – regardless if it counts as a success or learning experience in the end. We create low stakes opportunities for our students to practice, and then once our students do choose their Passion Project and work on it for a while, they present it to an audience.

Stage fright is a common thing for everyone, no matter your age, and the way over it is through it. The support and space we give our students through this process helps enable them as they develop their autonomy, confidence and strong sense of self.

Bringing passion into focus for our students gives them a broader approach to education and a more varied skill set – one that cultivates life-long learning and emotional intelligence. Enroll your student at SET and ignite their passion!

About SET High

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