Why We Don’t Have a Teacher Shortage

A group of 3 SET High students laughing in the sunshine, enjoying a break outside

Why We Don’t Have a Teacher Shortage

SET Teachers and students stay connected with our OWL cameras, allowing teachers to continue teaching from home.

Staying Connected, Learning Together

At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High) we’ve been seamlessly working both in person and virtually since the world turned upside down. Our wholly-engaging live learning (OWL) 360° video conferencing capability in each classroom has been the secret sauce! It’s great for students calling in to learn when at home, and it’s the reason why students at SET High have enough teachers. 

Our classroom discussions and authentic interactions are robust and rich with connection thanks to OWLs. Students stay on pace and interact with their classmates in real time for every class. This ease of connection from home to school normalizes our increasingly hybrid and remote world. Not only do we help our teachers to continue teaching their classes when working remotely, we are strengthening our students’ technological skill sets in the process.

Teacher at SET High gesturing in a class with laptops with a student looking on in the foreground

Movement Drives Engagement

One reason we chose a 360° video conferencing capability for SET is because we like to innovate and introduce new technology. We all wanted to stay as connected as possible, and our OWLs do just that. The cameras pan and move focal points slightly throughout each video call or classroom. By shifting the view of each other like our eyesight would move in person, we create a more connected and more interesting experience. 

We teach our students to thrive both personally and professionally in an increasingly global, technology-driven society. Through the fun, real-time engagement of the OWLs, our teachers are staying connected and continuing to teach classes from home when needed. Our students greatly benefit from our highly intentional ongoing support and clear communication. We keep classes together and on track. 

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