Freshman Leadership Class – Deep Dive

SET High teaches our students authentic leadership skills

Freshman Leadership Class – Deep Dive

How SET turns our students into the next generation of trustworthy leaders.

In this rapidly changing, increasingly technology-driven world, one thing is certain — we will always need great leaders that people trust to find solutions to problems we haven’t even dreamt of yet. At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), we designed our curriculum to teach our students both how to lead, and how to become the type of person who others trust enough to follow their leadership. SET High students build a strong sense of self, cultivate a high level of integrity, and do the inner work it takes to become the type of leader they are proud to be.

While the internet is full of various descriptions and different styles of leadership, the simplest definition comes from Merriam Webster. Leadership: the power or ability to lead other people. This little sentence says a lot with just a few words and also leaves many details out. Power and ability are two great qualities, but at SET High, we place our focus on a deeper development of leadership that has very little to do with power and a lot more to do with building trust. According to Wikipedia, a leader is somebody whom people follow. A leader has authority. For people to accept a leader, his or her leadership must therefore be legitimate. 

The Intentional Study of Self

One of the ways we instill leadership qualities in our students is by starting out all SET High freshmen with a course called Leadership SET Style. We know that to become leaders in their own lives, our students first need a safe, supportive, and even challenging place to grow. That includes a place that values stumbling, falling, and picking yourself back up to try again. It also includes developing the compassion for self and others that welcomes and values this type of natural growth.

At SET, we believe that learning and excellence come in many forms and that there is not one correct or ideal kind of achievement that all should be measured against. In our freshman leadership class, we take a deep dive look into what each student needs in order to be able to accept themselves for who they truly are. This level of self study forms the cornerstone upon which leadership skills are built. By first tasking our students with self-identifying areas of personal growth and development they need to work on, and then creating systems which support their self-selected growth and development, we are creating the next generation of trustworthy leaders.

Get to Know Yourself!

In order to be yourself, you really have to know yourself. This is a key to maintaining personal integrity, tenacity, and grit — in a world that will always pull at us to change. Once established, a deep sense of self can be the unshakeable foundation for confidently living your best life.

Our 9th grade class Leadership SET Style is designed to ignite student success through the intentional study of self. This class emphasizes personal growth and development by challenging students to get to know themselves, to seek understanding of others, and to create a personal brand they are proud of. At SET High, we love starting our students out by showing them how much we believe in their ability to excel in the areas they choose. This is one of the ways we are turning our students into the next generation of trustworthy leaders.

Leadership SET Style

In this world filled with endless options, contradictory images of leaders, and an ever-changing global landscape, we believe that teaching authentic leadership to our students is critical. Leadership SET Style is inclusive by design. We live our values and we are dedicated to transforming education by:

  • Embracing individuality and uniqueness.
  • Celebrating constant improvement.
  • Expecting, allowing, and accepting failure.
  • Providing students with the inner strength to accept themselves for who they truly are.

Like many things, the road to becoming a great leader is a continual path of growth and discovery. Our SET students develop leadership qualities in all of their courses with us, and once the freshman leadership class is complete, all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders have the opportunity to enroll in Leadership SET Style II. As an advanced course, Leadership SET Style II is about seeking depth in the discovery of your authentic self. This class challenges students to explore their own value systems, beliefs, and realities that have been created in their lives over time. Students will walk away from this class owning their stories, managing their lives, and having a strong sense of self.

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