Exploring ChatGPT in High School? Let Us Guide the Way! 

SET High student sits at table working on laptop.

Exploring ChatGPT in High School? Let Us Guide the Way! 

Students using a ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) program at school? New technology can be scary, but it can also be really exciting. How do you harness the power of AI for the greater high school good? 

At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), a tuition-free 9th-12th grade high school in San Diego, we use ChatGPT in collaboration with our students because it’s another tool to help them be successful…in school and in life. But, like much of the internet, AI needs to be used responsibly and our California Distinguished School is here to help navigate this powerful program.

Using AI as an Ally 

At SET High, we want out-of-the box thinkers who use their mighty minds in creative “wonder” and “awe” ways. But, we want students grounded in reality and not just making things up because they needed their assignment done yesterday. We want students to master AI as a tool and not use AI as a master. 

Using ChatGPT in High School 

SET High recognizes that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, when it comes to ChatGPT. Students have the tools to use it so we’re jumping on the advantages early instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist or blocking it. That’s why our forward-thinking public high school decided to lean in and customize ChatGPT to our benefit. 

Our small school uses a locked-in (customized) version of a conversational ChatGPT which offers higher security. We’ve spent time thinking about this and how we want to use it to help students. Teachers are intentionally involved and guiding the process, providing oversight and direction. Students are only able to ask very specific questions and get very specific answers in an interactive way. We are here to protect our students which is why SET has guardrails in place to make ChatGPT a safe and secure tool. We want all the advantages it offers while minimizing the risks. We are responsible for our students’ curiosity!

Can you see why this works well for personalizing education? In a curated ChatGPT, you can create a philosophy AI conversation session, for example, and have students learn everything they want to know about Aristotle…and then fold in other interests, like engineering (why not?!). Great for students who want to go into further detail than what is covered in class. We are already seeing that using ChatGPT in the classroom accelerates learning growth in an exciting way. We want to give students an awareness of how to use AI as an incredible learning tool. Igniting a love for learning is our passion! 

Preparing Students for Our AI Future

At our small, tuition-free school, students design their own learning journey, one that covers both the classics and inventive technology. Having such a cross-disciplinary focus on STEM and creative liberal arts classes, enables us at SET High to prepare students to employ AI for the greater good. 

Our engaged and dynamic teachers and staff emphasize how to be strong communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – all prerequisites to a future dependent on a workforce that understands how to work with AI. 

Determining how to design ChatGPT AI programs is not out of our scope either.  As entrepreneurs of the future, knowing how AI works and how to make it better is exciting and we want to lead our students there! 

Learning how to use AI responsibly and why it matters is just the sort of gritty challenge SET High loves to tackle. After all, we believe that passion fuels learning. Instead of fearing the worst, we make AI work for us and our future. Join us –  enrolling now!

About SET High 

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