What Makes Ms. G. the Outstanding Teacher of the Year?

What Makes Ms. G. the Outstanding Teacher of the Year?

San Diego County Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Ms. G, as SET High students call her, is a native San Diegan whose fun-loving, positive and energy-giving style enchants students, fellow teachers and staff alike. Ms. Geis is a thought leader whose driving passion is to help people stand in their purpose and walk in their truth. 

Words can only go so far in describing what we cherish about her, so check out this 2 minute video to see for yourself. Learn why Ms. Nicky Geis won the San Diego County Outstanding Teacher of the Year award here:

This Charter Stars video inspired us to share more about SET teachers with you! We asked Ms.G six questions about why she is an educator and how she finds success in her role: 

Why did you choose to be an educator? 

“Because it’s important,” said Ms. G. “I love to watch my students gain confidence and evolve in their thinking. I cherish my job as a teacher because I know it is an awesome responsibility and it’s one I take very seriously.”

What made you choose to teach at a charter school? 

“Our school creates a supportive environment that helps students learn, flourish, and thrive. With the flexibility afforded public charter schools, parents and students can prioritize the learning styles and academic setting that work for each individual. 

SET High is a great fit for many 9th through 12th graders — We’re able to serve students with a wide range of learning styles and prepare them to thrive both personally and professionally.”

What makes SET High a special place to teach, learn and grow? 

“At SET High, we teachers constantly learn and grow. Almost every day our students teach us, too! SET feels like home because everyone is enabled to come as they are. Our students are universally seen for who they are; they are supported, loved and pushed out of their comfort zones. As a teacher, I get to explore my passions as they translate into our classrooms (specifically my Leadership classes) — and watch as they resonate with my students. 

Every SET High teacher loves being here because we love what we teach. Our administration actively encourages us to bring new ideas, research, and methods — to best support our students. We collectively march to enhance student growth and learning. And it is our school culture to empower every SET High student and teacher to be themselves, without barriers.”

What has COVID 19 taught you, Ms. G? 

“It’s harder, but not impossible to transfer our energy through a screen. I feel even more strongly now that connection is essential to wellbeing. The social aspects of our lives matter – we humans are hard-wired for it. Connection builds us up and gives us a vital sense of belonging when we are together.

Another lesson from COVID 19 is the importance of our mental health. We must speak at length and in-depth about how we are doing. Our minds are hugely influential over what we can and cannot do.

The majority of students learn better when in a classroom. We create welcoming, safe and healthy connections which enables SET students and teachers to deeply engage. I feel like we all do better in person, that’s why we put in so much energy as a school to get students back into the classroom.”

What is your definition of success as a teacher at SET High? 

“I love seeing students choose to believe in themselves and grow in confidence. I feel successful knowing my students are able to be kind to each other, learn from challenges and triumph over setbacks.”

More about Ms. G

Want to see her in action? Check out this Passion Talk Ms. G gave our SET High students. 

When she is not in a classroom, Ms. Geis gives talks to students, parents, and teachers throughout San Diego. Her other love is facilitating The Anti-Defamation League, where she empowers students to be leaders of promoting inclusive and compassionate environments wherever they go.   

SET High is enrolling for 9-12th grade now. Join Ms. Geis and us —  for an engaging, passion-fueling and academically robust small high school — tuition-free.

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