The Art in Our School

The Art in Our School

When we started the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), we knew that teaching our students to focus on passion, innovation, curiosity, and design thinking would open doors for SET High graduates in ways that a traditional school never could. When our students started asking to paint murals on the walls, it was an easy Yes!

Today, almost every door at SET High spotlights a student’s passion painting project.


By supporting the arts alongside an immersive education that combines the highest academic standards and a focus on entrepreneurship and technology, SET teaches the practical skills and cultivates the emotional intelligence necessary to launch the next generation of business and social leaders.

What’s On the Other Side of that Door?

It might look like any other door, but when it opens, a whole new world of opportunity opens with it.

80% of SET students complete a passion project, and many of these projects culminate in painting a mural on one of our school doors. Passion projects are not graded, nor are they required. They’re just a great idea for students to express themselves and explore what sparks the light inside of them to shine even brighter.



Once a passion project is completed, the student presents their work to an audience of their peers and community. This is a key piece to developing skills that will open doors for our students’ futures. Public speaking, pursuing passions, and presenting ideas that are close to the heart to others who may or may not share a similar view, are all skills that great leaders – and SET High students – embody.

Students’ Art Creates New Opportunities

Our painted school doors and hallways showcase the dreams and passions of our students, and remind us every day how uplifting and powerful it is to express ourselves through art. As a WASC-accredited, tuition-free public charter high school in San Diego with an emphasis on technology and entrepreneurship, it may come as a surprise to see such a focus on the arts. On the contrary, art is integral to dreaming up new technology or designing a new business to launch!



Real-world problems and industry specific challenges are greatly served by finding creative solutions and artful ways to express new points of view. When both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are strengthened, we are able to see more opportunities and identify alternative and possibly stronger ways to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves.


SET inspires students to rewrite the traditional idea of success and to lead a new generation of socially responsible trailblazers who will shape the way we work and live. By opening the doors to all possibilities for our students to pursue their passions, we prepare students to thrive both personally and professionally in an increasingly global, technology-driven society.

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About SET High

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