SET Student Profile: Camden Weisbruch

SET Student Profile: Camden Weisbruch

SET 2020 Senior photo of Camden WeisbruchAt the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET), we pride ourselves on the opportunities we create and connections we make with our students. It’s clear to us that our school makes a big difference, but we wanted to hear about our students’ time here in their own words. Here’s what Camden Weisbruch has to say about his experience as a student at SET:

When and why did you attend SET?

My name is Camden Weisbruch. I attended SET High from 2017 to 2020. I attended SET because of its smaller family style environment. The large student to teacher ratio at public high schools seems so formidable. My other draw to SET was that it gave you the ability to learn in a flexible style, and that it encouraged you to go beyond the typical California learning requirements for high school.

What is your favorite memory of SET?

It is impossible for me to pick ONE favorite memory. My Snapchat is filled with 4 plus years and approximately 628 videos from my high school years. Every single one of those moments is something that I often look back on. And I’m glad to be able to revisit them.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Once again, it is impossible to pick a single favorite teacher. I was lucky enough to experience most of them, and each teacher has their own unique personality and teaching style. Which is what makes SET so great. It breaks up the learning autonomy.

Did SET prepare you for what came next?

SET absolutely prepared me for what came next. Between offering college classes with transferable credits, to college tours, to off campus activities that prepare for real world scenarios. I wouldn’t just call SET a college preparatory school, I’d call it a LIFE preparatory school.

Celebrating our Students

Every day, SET students are supported in pursuing their passions, taking risks, and developing the critical thinking needed throughout the rest of their lives. We make sure to take the time to celebrate our students as they become innovative, creative, compassionate leaders. Empower your student for a better future – Enroll today!

About SET High

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