Leaning Into Self-Study

SET High students lean into each other on campus outside the school building

Leaning Into Self-Study

We’re still beaming over the results from the WASC-Accreditation Review at our tuition-free alternative high school. We at the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High) learned a lot under the inspection light and want to share how self-study is an important learning opportunity. What is the silver lining to scrutiny? 

What is WASC and What Do They Look For?

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association for Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) accreditation process is crucial for ensuring quality education at numerous schools worldwide. After the initial accreditation, ongoing assessments by ACS WASC and SET High will maintain the accreditation and promote improvement as the school grows. This year, we finished our self-study before ACS representatives conducted the onsite inspection and interviewed students, educators, staff, and stakeholders.

The Self-Study Process/Self-Study Visit

  • Self-study involves all stakeholders.
  • Clarifies the school’s purpose and learner outcomes.
  • Assesses student learning based on ACS WASC criteria.
  • Addresses identified areas for improvement through a schoolwide action plan.
  • Validates improvement based on ACS criteria and standards, self-study, and visit results.
  • Establishes a professional culture to support the schoolwide action plan.

Leaning Into Self Study

As you can imagine, preparing for such an inspection and completing a rigorous self-study requires dedication, transparency, and reflection. Humans possess incredible potential for choice and capacity – we decide how to look at a process and embrace the capacity for empowerment. When we choose a positive mindset, an inspection is an opportunity for insight, growth and greatness. So we need to get comfortable with self study and lean in. That’s where we find the silver lining in any assessment and critique.

What Did We Learn From Our Self-Study?

We were reminded of many reasons to be proud of SET High. WASC rated SET High as highly effective in most categories and noticed our students, educators, staff, and leaders are all on board with our mission and vision, through and through. In addition, we impressed WASC with our academic rigor, which we continuously strive to improve. We also rated highly effective in our involvement with parents and the community. Moreover, WASC saw many happy SET High 9th-12th grade public school students! 

Room for improvement includes reaching out to more underrepresented and deserving students aspiring for STEM careers, including girls. This is an action plan we’re proud to implement.

See? Self study is not as painful as you might originally assume. In fact, we highly recommend you take some time for self reflection this summer. At SET High, we help our students discover their inner passion and purpose to fuel their learning. Are you ready to get SET? Enroll today before it’s too late.

About SET High 

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