How to Adopt a Positive MindSET, and Why.

A SET High student laughs with SET High Teacher, Ms. Nicky Geis, in front of a black and white mural.

How to Adopt a Positive MindSET, and Why.

At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High), we believe that in order for our tuition-free public high school to graduate global thinkers and leading innovators, we must model a healthy mindSET. Let’s explore how to adopt a positive mindset, but first, why.

The Contagious Impact of Positivity

History shows us that great leaders who made big positive change did so through stubborn optimism plus action. It’s not enough to have a well-meaning thought or idea. You have to put action behind it. 

Additionally, studies show that people of all ages, all around the world, feel happier and inspire more generosity, when they connect with the positive impact of giving. This is why service-based learning is essential.

Positive Impact Through Service-Based Learning

Our goal is to spark a passion and sense of social responsibility in our students. An added benefit to service-learning programs is improved student thinking and planning skills. When passion fuels learning, we succeed. SET High students invest 150 hours to community organizations of their choice, and report back on the positive impact they made on our community. 

Practicing a Positive Mindset for Life

This we believe: cultivating lifelong learning and emotional intelligence is just as essential as teaching the A-G requirements. We adopt our H-P philosophy to develop productive, empathic global citizens with high character and leadership traits. To fully embrace this mindSET, it helps to practice a few favorite habits.

Wander & Wonder. Unplug, roam in nature and open your mind. It doesn’t take many moments of awe and wonder to feel delightfully humble and optimistic.

Reflect on the good stuff. Practice gratitude. Journal out positive thoughts to develop an abundance mindset (vs. scarcity). Discover and share ideas for positive change.

Learn from Failure. Expect and embrace failure as part of every learning process. Unintended results provide useful insights, information, and inspiration.

At SET High, we make positive mindSET a daily practice. How else are we going to deliver the world’s next generation of socially responsible changemakers? Are you looking for a new purpose in school? Join us. There’s no time like the present for positive change!

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