Top 10 Reasons to Attend SET High

Students at tuition-free SET High School playing basket ball in front of school building

Top 10 Reasons to Attend SET High

Curious what SET High is really like? Our small, public charter high school with a 12:1 student teacher ratio, empowers, enables and encourages everyone to think outside the box as they chase their academic and interpersonal dreams. Here are 10 reasons why attending SET High can be the best decision ever: 

1. Standards-Based Requirements + Personal Passions 

Guiding our students as they find and cultivate their individual passions is one of our favorite things we do as a staff.  Our SET High student-led Passion Projects exist to ignite a love for learning, while also challenging each student to follow their curiosity into the new and the different. We love big thinkers and daredevil doers, innovative creators and collaborative dream chasers. What can they do with their high school journey? We’re here to cheer, champion and safely support it. And we never neglect CA’s standards-based requirements.

2. Teachers and Staff Who Love the Work We Do

Speaking of which, who are we at SET? We are educators and staff who live for student growth alongside academic success. We drive our on campus culture of inclusion and compassion, and we intentionally know every individual as they are – an individual. Our small school enables us to share our creativity in our classrooms and hallways – and the trust we earn from students and families is our greatest reward. 

3. Electives Make the SET World Go Round 

No two days are the same at our WASC-accredited, tuition-free public charter high school in San Diego. And no two electives are either. This semester we offer yet another amazing array – 

  • Robotics/Building Cool Things
  • Into the Darkness with Edgar Allan Poe
  • Psychology
  • The Wisdom of Star Wars
  • Personal Finance
  • Spanish 1 and 2
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Project You!
  • Guitar
  • Making Movies

And so much more! It’s a big part of our days together and something we continually expand. 

4. (Student) Leaders in High School and Beyond/SET Senate 

Learning to embrace an attitude of service while also feeling enabled to speak up, lead and persevere – these are elements that make SET a dynamic high school for our 9th-12th graders. Our students never stop filling us with awe. This year we’re thrilled to see their ideas and leadership come to light in yet another way – via our brand new Student Senate. Proposals and resolutions are theirs to pursue; and already, they’re impacting our campus, student life and student satisfaction. High school is prime time to instill these beliefs – that ideas and well-thought out, collaborative efforts can change the world. 

5. College Prep at Every Turn 

Our 4×4 block schedule means that each SET student has a full year of material, four classes at a time, each semester. These longer blocks of time mimic college class schedules and allow for project work in class together. It’s been awesome – come visit us and see for yourself! 

6. California Distinguished High School

We are a California Distinguished High School. Only 4 are in our county at the current moment – and one is SET. We value this recognition as a measure of our dedication to our high school students, to the honor it is to serve our families and community, and as a reminder of how our choices impact the next generation. We open our doors each morning knowing we can’t wait to engage with our students. Our classrooms hum. Our staff works hard. And we grow together – learning alongside every motivated young mind in our midst.

7. What is High School Without Clubs & Sports? 

SET High is a proud member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and our students can play basketball and volleyball or run track & field and cross country. Our students also join a variety of clubs like DND, Art and Friendship, Battle Bots, Magic the Gathering, Ignite Peer Mentoring, ASB, yearbook, and Mountain Biking.

8. Free College Tuition? Dual Enrollment with Mesa College

Every SET student has access to curated, quality instruction and deeper dives courtesy of dual enrollment with Mesa College. What is dual enrollment? Glad you asked. Our students get free college tuition via flexible scheduling of college courses during the SET school day. And feel free to ask us why this is a better option than AP. We’re here to chat! 

9. Year-Round Enrollment

We enroll students year round and help everyone land here with care and compassion.  We know SET can be a great fit for each high school student, so we start the enrollment process with a tour or shadow days. We want potential students and families to see our close-knit, small public high school up close and personal and for our students to share with you all they feel about this school.  

10.  Community is #1 (not #10)

Learning doesn’t happen alone. We pride ourselves on our accepting, active high school community. We lean on each other, cheer for each other, and have fun together. SET High is much more than a school building during a few years of your teenage journey. We partner with our students as they grow, evolve, dive deep and build their best selves. We think you’ll like it here. Can’t wait to meet you! 

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified  teachers. Students build a healthy camaraderie with classmates inside an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out their talents and personality, helping them develop their individual character and direction in life. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed their academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!