SET PA Announcements

Hello SET families, Our last SET Parents Association (SET PA) meeting had a great turnout.  Several families asked us to coordinate more community events so students and families can get to know each other. We also had some great ideas to work on fundraising to help our students get the supplies they need to enrich their education at SET.

Saturday Dec 3rd, 2:30PM, meet us in Ocean Beach, adjacent to tower 4.  We will reserve a fire pit and bring wood.  We ask you to bring the rest: chairs, food, beverages, volleyball nets etc.  We are keeping this a low impact organized event, the idea is for us to just come together. If a parent /family wants to start a sign up, feel free to reach out. SET PA will coordinate the communications. Liz Girard will be reserving the fire pit/or bringing a fire ring and bringing a healthy amount of wood.  Future dates: Families are also looking to gather on January 13th or 14th at Rockin Jump.  Details to follow.

Our fundraiser STILL NEEDS YOU!  SET high community has raised just over $4,000 for this Fall’s fundraiser.  We are asking for 100% participation.  No amount is too little.  Our goal is $20,000.  Remember we are a 401 3(C) organization, your donation is tax deductible!  Please share with your employers in the event they match, or even consider asking friends and family to sponsor donations for our students. The District simply does not provide enough resources for our students to get the enriching programs they deserve.  With this year’s raise, we can help SET build a basketball/volleyball court.  The initial bids came in extremely high and SET needs our help.
Join our SET PA Fundraiser and consider what level you can contribute, GO LIONS!
    • Mufasa: $1000 or higher
    • Nala: $500 ot higher
    • Simba: $250 or higher
    • Mr Bigglesworth: $100 or higher
    • Garfield: $50 or higher
    • Raja:$25 or higher
    • Pusheen: $10 or higher
Paypal and Zelle: SETPATreasurer@gmail.com
Have a wonderful week off and enjoy time with your friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving.
The SET Parents Association

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