Mid Term Transfer Enrollment FAQ’s

Mid Term Enrollment FAQs


Can I switch schools during the middle of a semester?

Yes, you can. Students are allowed to transfer anytime during the school year to SET as long as there is space open.

How is switching schools mid-semester different at SET High School than it is from any other school?

Public schools only allow student transfers to schools within their district unless the district approves an interdistrict transfer which requires special permission.  Many charters and magnet schools are only able to accept students by lottery once a year during a specific time period. However, since our school currently has space available, we are able to have open enrollment for the remainder of this year.

Do I have to live in a certain school district in order to transfer to SET High School?

No, SET is a charter school, which means you can enroll in our school no matter where you live.  We have students that commute as much as two hours daily, just to attend.

How do I start the process for switching to SET High School mid-semester?

You can first start by joining us for a tour and visit. To make an appointment, please contact the Office Manager and Registrar, Ms. Carrie Heath at (858) 874-4338 or by email at carrie.heath@sethighstaging.wpengine.com. All students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Mid-Semester Tours and Visits at SET are scheduled by appointment Tuesday through Friday between 8:00 am-3:00 pm. During the visit, you will have an opportunity to meet with Principal Neil McCurdy or Vice Principal, Darrell Mclendon, to ask questions and get to know our community.

What should I bring to the Tour and Visit?

Please bring a copy of your transcript, exit grades, and attendance records.

How do I Enroll?

To enroll at The SET please fill out the enrollment form on our website. Our administration will follow up by email or phone to confirm your enrollment. Once you receive confirmation, you can inform your current school that you will be switching to SET.  Our Registrar, Ms. Carrie Heath, will contact you to set up an appointment to create a class schedule so you can start the next day. At that appointment, please bring in a copy of your Birth certificate, immunization records and proof of current address (water bill, SDG&E bill).

What if I have an IEP or 504 plan?

Please bring a copy of your IEP or 504 plan to your appointment with the Registrar. An Education Specialist will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss accommodations and support.

Can I also set up a shadow day?

Yes, after your tour and visit, your student is welcome to set up a shadow day. You can set this up with, Ms. Heath, who can be reached at at (858) 874-4338 or by email at carrie.heath@sethighstaging.wpengine.com.  Appointments for shadow days can be made Monday through Friday. On a shadow day, you will be paired up with a current student ambassador from our school. On the morning of your shadow day, a member of our staff will greet you and introduce you to your student ambassador.   The shadow day will give you a view of a typical day at SET including breaks, lunch and student interactions with peers and staff. Please bring a lunch on shadow day.

Before I enroll will I be able to talk to parents whose students attend SET High School?

Yes, absolutely, after your tour and/or shadow day, we can put you in touch with parents whose students attend SET so you can get to know our community.

How much does it cost to attend SET?

SET is a tuition-free public school that operates much like a private school.

Do I need to take a test to get into SET?

No, SET is a public school that educates all high-school-aged students.  Part of the enrollment process is an interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal, but that is just so everyone is on the same page about our shared responsibilities and expectations.  They don’t bite, so don’t worry about the interview!

What about my grades from my current school?

Each student enrolling in SET will need to receive exit grades from their current school, even if you join mid-term. Your grades do transfer over and will help determine where to place you.

SET’s teachers will use those exit grades along with future grades to determine your final grade in the class. We also have a New “Fresh Start” Semester which allows students to reset their grades and begin the year like a new student (see section on “I am failing classes”).

Will all of the grades for classes that I have already taken transfer to SET?

Yes, we give you credit for all of the classes that you have on your current transcript.

I have straight A’s right now, will I lose my current grades?

No. First of all, congratulations on having straight A’s!  Your A’s will transfer over and all future grades will be determined by how you perform in classes.

I am failing classes, can I still switch?

Yes, assuming that you are still on track for graduation. Our 4×4 block schedule allows students to re-take classes almost immediately so your student can receive credit. For example, if you are failing English 9, switching to SET will allow you to retake all of English 9 starting at the start of the new semester, in January.  You get a full year’s credit in one semester, and be caught up in class credit!

If you are failing classes at your current school then you should consider switching to SET, now. You probably need the extra support that our academic team is known for successfully providing to all students.

How are grades determined?

90-100= A

89-80=  B

79-70= C

Any grade below a 70 is considered a 0.  At SET, we are determined to support and motivate students to achieve high grades.  If a student starts to fall below a 70, then additional support is given by teachers and our academic coaches to help ensure that student can raise their grade.

I play a sport.  Can I play that sport at SET when I switch?

Yes, you can play that sport at SET as long as you are academically eligible. All students that transfer from another school can tryout and be a part of a sports team, but there is usually a sit out period. High School Athletics are governed by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Under the CIF rules, if you play a sport at your current school and transfer wanting to participate in that same sport, you may have to participate in a sit out period for games and scrimmages, but you can attend practices. The exception to the sitout period is if you are transferring schools due to a hardship (examples of hardships would be moving from out of state, a military move, or having to live with a relative). The sit out rule does not apply if you want to participate in a new sport that you did not play at your prior school.

If your school does not have a sport that I want to play, then can I still play on the team at my prior school or join a team at my local school?

No, under CIF rules, you cannot continue to play team sports at your prior school or join a sports team at your local school, even if we do not have that sport.  However, if you are interested in participating in an individual sport (swim, drive, crew or tennis) that we do not have at SET, our Athletic Director may be able to make arrangements with one of the local charter schools to participate in their programs, while still representing SET.

How successful is SET at helping students get into college?

We believe that each of our students must take personal ownership of the life they desire beyond SET, fully supported by the Ready, SET, College team and families. We invest significant time and passion into our students to help them build their unique mold and identify a university most suitable for their journey of growth. We are here to coach, guide, advocate, and catalyze the college-planning process on an individualized basis, leaving behind the one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that getting SET for college is a four-year process that begins freshman year and is reinforced every step along the way. The Ready, SET, College team empowers students with course selection throughout their time at SET, helps research college options, and provides input and guidance on the completion and submission of applications and financial forms. Our goal is to help our students realize their dreams and gain acceptance to the school that will help them grow and achieve greatness beyond their life at SET. Whether they choose a highly competitive university, a music-repertory school, or a college for the visual and performing arts, our students have our belief in them and our promise to invest in them to maximize their potential.

What’s it like attending a small school?

SET is similar to a private school, with small class sizes and individualized academic support for all learners.

How will I know if SET High School is worth the switch for me?

Ask yourself why you are considering moving schools mid-term?  Bring those reasons with you on your visit and discover if you believe the switch is a good one for you.  There is no pressure. You have to decide for yourself: what about your current school do you like and what about SET do you think we can offer you.  High school is an important step in helping you to discover your passion. SET’s mission is to help students do just that and succeed. When you leave here you should be able to think critically, have the tools to pursue your own business venture or enroll in college to further discover who you want to become. Whatever your passion is SET will support you.

What is Coleman Tech Charter High School?

Coleman Tech was the name of our school when it was first founded in 2010.  In 2016, under new leadership, we changed the name to The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology to best reflect the mission that an entrepreneurship-based education harnesses the passions of students, motivating students to achieve at the highest level.