Don’t Be Afraid to Switch to SET High

Tiffany Meredith switched to SET High in San Diego, and is very grateful that she did.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch to SET High

Are you finding your current high school scary? Stressful? Hiding in a massive unbearable institution? We offer you hope from a brave student who switched to our small tuition-free school for grades 9-12. At the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET High) Tiffany found safety, community, and a new love for learning.

Cultivating Courage

We are so proud of Tiffany Meredith, now in 12th grade, for recognizing she needed to take care of personal and educational well-being. 

“I was at a different high school where the environment was very hostile. The staff and students were unkind and I felt very unsafe. Transferring midyear was a very scary idea. When I first toured SET High, I was terrified. The idea of walking through the corridor, not knowing anybody was incredibly scary, but almost instantly I was able to make friends and was accepted with open arms.”

School Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Tiffany fits at SET High. She responds well to our low teacher-to-student ratio, flexible schedules, and intensely personal approach to education

“SET High appealed to me due to the size of classes. Having a smaller class size means that I can spend more one-on-one time with my teachers and staff versus my old school where there were 500 kids in a single grade level. The transition from my old school to SET High was incredibly smooth. The teachers were very understanding of where I was coming from, and they went above and beyond to make me feel safe and comfortable.”

Thriving After Transitioning to SET High

SET High students meet challenges head-on, practice leadership skills, and develop grit and growth. Tiffany embraces this in full force while appreciating our teachers’ devotion to our academic rigor.

“The teachers (at SET High) are amazing and they truly care about their students and they do whatever they can to help. I joined the last month and a half of my sophomore year and the staff still made time to teach me everything I missed.

“I really enjoy the History and English classes taught by Mr. Snow and Mr. Apalategui. They always make the classroom a fun and interactive environment. After graduation I see myself becoming a teacher because of these two.”

Connecting in Community Culture

SET High attracts students who welcome the challenge of self-discovery while collectively learning with students who are also developing their talents and skills. Are you still questioning if you should switch to SET High? Tiffany offers this advice:

“You have nothing to be scared about! The students are always welcoming of new people and the whole vibe of the school really does make you feel at home. SET High is an amazing place full of opportunity and growth, so if you are able to join the school, I fully recommend doing so!”

Thank you, Tiffany! You’re a shining star at SET High and we look forward to watching your ascent in the “real world” after you graduate. We are so proud to be a part of your success story.

If you’re looking for a school that is developing the next generation of innovators, thinkers, and change-makers, you too may agree with Tiffany. Ready? Go to SET High! We welcome you!

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified  teachers. Students build a healthy camaraderie with classmates inside an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out their talents and personality, helping them develop their individual character and direction in life. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed their academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!