At SET, we are committed to helping create productive, empathic global citizens with high character and leadership traits.

We believe that in an increasingly inter-connected global world, developing a sense of social responsibility by way of connection to the local and global community is essential to a great education. Our goal is to spark a passion for service and help students understand that their service can and will make a difference.

The service-learning model at SET starts with the expectation that our students will invest 150 hours of their time over their four years to one or more community organizations of their choice. We also expect our students to reflect on their experience by way of words, photos, and videos to better understand the impact of their service.

We begin by helping students understand their passion. We then work with them to identify opportunities to engage in an experiential journey with structured learning outcomes in mind. We integrate the service-learning model into the classroom curriculum by way of discussion, expression, and recognition of our common humanity.

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