8 Reasons Dual Enrollment Makes Sense

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8 Reasons Dual Enrollment Makes Sense

SET High offers many robust academic offerings, like Honors courses and dual enrollment with Mesa College. These dual enrollment courses are FREE and offer exposure to college learning environments as well as college credit.

SET High has a special relationship with Mesa College that allows students to take up to three college courses per semester once students have met the SET High graduation requirements and two college courses per semester once they have completed 10th grade.  Motivated students can meet graduation requirements in their Junior year and then use their Senior year to complete six college classes at no cost to the student.  An additional four classes could be taken in 11th grade. This means SET High students have the ability to complete 10 college classes, more than a year’s worth of schooling, before they graduate! Here’s what else dual enrollment courses can do for high school students:

  1. Foster a smoother transition between high school and college.
  2. Create first-hand exposure to college-caliber assignments while still in high school.
  3. Enhance SET High students now — by earning college credit during high school so they generally need fewer classes later in college to earn a degree.
  4. Acclimate high school students to mature, more adult-oriented settings. Dual enrollment exposes college expectations and rigor, yet our students are still supported by the team at SET.
  5. Save money on tuition…from one course to over a year!
  6. Include dual enrollment course grades as part of permanent transcripts.
  7. Transfer credits from Mesa College to a four-year school.
  8. Allow our students to join the workforce sooner.

In addition to looking great on college applications while still maintaining Freshman Eligibility, our students can get a head start on college and save on more than a year’s worth of college tuition!

Taking college courses, while enrolled at SET High, likely reduces the amount of credits you’ll need for your degree when you become a full-time college student. You can even consider options like taking fewer credits each semester or transfering earlier, too. Plus if you’re unsure about your major, or where to go for college, we can help there, as well. If you’re a high school Junior or Senior and you haven’t yet decided what you want to major in at college, or what college you want to go to, tuition-free dual enrollment makes sense.  These free college classes can guide you as you explore options. They can inform future academic pursuits and enable valuable guidance from SET…all while saving money!

As a California Distinguished School, we care deeply about academics and character development. Ask us about all the ways dual enrollment can effectively quicken the time to a college degree, save tuition dollars, and create academic advantages. Don’t miss out on SET High. ENROLL TODAY!

About SET High

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified teachers, a healthy camaraderie with classmates and an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out their talents and personality. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed their academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!