2023 Guide to Charter School Accreditation and Testing Performance in California

2023 Guide to Charter School Accreditation and Testing Performance in California

As a parent, you are searching for the best education for your child. A charter school is a great option for your child, but you might be wondering how beneficial a charter school is for your child and your family. Keep reading to learn more about accreditation and testing performance of charter schools.

Are charter schools in California accredited?

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process for awarding public recognition to institutions and/or higher education programs that meet and maintain high-quality educational standards. 

This means that charter schools can be accredited in California, but they must choose to follow the guidelines set forth by whichever accrediting institution they wish to be accredited by. 

A common accreditation for charter schools is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or Cognia. Both are reputable and require schools to closely monitor student performance. Schools are also evaluated by these accrediting institutions to make sure that the schools maintain a high level of academic success. Accredited schools must also keep a highly qualified staff to support students. All of this and more is closely monitored by the accrediting institution.

Who regulates charter schools in California?

While charter schools can be initiated by parents, teachers, or community members, they are approved by local school boards, county boards of education, and the state board of education. So charter schools still have to conform to state educational standards and regulations. They just have more freedom to use different and innovative teaching methods as well as expanded educational opportunities.

Do charter school teachers in California have to be certified?

Yes. All teachers in charter schools are required to have a current teacher certification or other documentation that is equal to the certification that a traditional teacher in a public school has to maintain.

Do California charter schools have to follow state standards?

Charter schools in California do have to follow state and federal public education standards. They are held to the same standards as traditional public schools. They have the privilege of tailoring their curriculum and academic focus to meet the needs of their student body.

Do charter schools in California follow common core?

Yes. Charter schools do have to follow Common Core standards, but teachers have more autonomy in how the Common Core standards are taught.

Are charter schools in California required to give standardized tests?

Charter schools are required to give students the state assessment tests. This means that students are assessed in reading and math annually in elementary school and once in high school. 

How do charter school students in California do on state tests?

Charter school students perform as well as if not better than traditional public school students. 

In fact, some charter schools did not experience learning loss during the pandemic school years. They were able to adapt more quickly to school closures and find alternative ways to make sure their students were still learning.

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