We Have Your Back

Hello, Esteemed Students, Faculty, Parents, Guardians, and Members of the Community,

Thank you so very much for your donations and support for the WE HAVE YOUR BACK: Galveston Initiative. Our acting Board Chair, Charles Parisi, and our Community Outreach Officer, David Varcardipone, delivered almost 300 backpacks to students attending Odyssey Charter School in a vehicle generously donated by Hertz in San Diego. The delivery of our community-donated, student-assembled backpacks was celebrated and attended by members of the Coast Guard in Galveston and met with great thanks and appreciation from students and teachers receiving the much-needed backpacks and their crucial supplies.

We are proud to announce that WE HAVE YOUR BACK: Galveston has moved into its second phase wherein we are changing our focus to meet the changing needs of the community. Many families in Galveston are living with family and friends and are now in need of food donations.  We hope our second phase of WE HAVE YOUR BACK: Galveston will be as successful as the first but we still need your help for this Thanksgiving-giving. Please help us purchase Walmart gift cards by donating through our link: and we will purchase gift cards which we can send easily, overnight, through the United States Post Office. Or you may bypass our link and purchase Walmart gift cards directly. All gift cards should be given to Ms. Lowenstein for safekeeping and will be sent to Dr. Jennifer Goodman, Superintendent of Odyssey Charter School, on Monday, November 20, 2017.

Thank you for your generosity and support.  We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

SET’s Social Entrepreneurs #kidshelpingkids

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