Senior Profile: Lucas Baizer

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Senior Profile: Lucas Baizer

SET Senior, class of 2020 - Lucas BaizerAt the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET), we give our students 1:1 support that ignites a love for learning. Sometimes finding the right high school can be a challenge, so when our students find us, we love to celebrate all that we accomplish. Today, we’re happy to share the following interview with SET senior Lucas Baizer:

What year are you and how long have you been at SET?

I’m a senior at SET, but I’ve only been at SET for a year and a half.

Who is your favorite teacher at SET and why?

I’m having Dr. McCurdy graduate me, as he has given me the opportunities I’ve had at SET as the principal, but as for a teacher my favorite teacher has been Mr. Putaro. His ability to connect with students on an individual level as both a friend and mentor is far beyond that of any teacher I ever had anywhere else throughout high school, and I had been to two high schools before SET. His class is the epitome of going “against the textbook” — we work and learn in innovative ways, working through projects and concepts both including and far beyond the required curriculum. I would not have taken Calculus in high school if he was not my teacher.

What is your favorite thing about SET?

Beyond the basics like the one-on-one support SET can give students, I have found SET to have a very casual and “decentralized” social environment. Most other high schools have a very clear hierarchical social structure, as is normal with the general woes and angst of one’s teenage years. I found SET to have social opportunities and a non-judgemental environment among the student body that allows you to be whatever you really want. There is no need to impress anyone; friendly faces are abundant and easy to become friends with, and if you want to just sit in a corner on your laptop during lunch that’s perfectly okay too.

What life dreams or goals did SET help you prepare for?

SET has given me opportunities I simply would not have gotten anywhere else. I’m currently working in an internship position at a local small company as a software engineer, and it provides everything I could possibly ever ask for. These past few weeks I’m barely home at all because I’m so invested in my work, both contributing and learning. I was able to get an interview at this position because of connections through Dr. McCurdy. That does not exist at any other high school I ever attended. SET has gone far beyond any possible expectations for preparing me for working than anyone could have imagined.

Beyond any Possible Expectations

Every student at SET has an exceptional team of teachers rooting for their success.. We go above and beyond what is found in a traditional high school and create a supportive family style environment that both challenges and uplifts our students every day. Enroll your student at SET today!

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