Congratulate Noor Bouzelfane, Valedictorian of SET High 2023!

Noor Bouzelfane, smiles in a class photo. She is the Valedictorian of SET High graduating Class of 2023

Congratulate Noor Bouzelfane, Valedictorian of SET High 2023!

Sure, the School for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High), is a WASC-Accredited, California Distinguished School with award-winning teachers.  We’re also a free public high school in San Diego with a low student:teacher ratio. But that all means nothing if we’re not allowing our students to shine. We asked Noor Bouzelfane, our Valedictorian this year, about her experiences at SET High. And we share some details about ourselves as a high school, too. 

Why Choose SET High?

SET High is not your average high school. We’re honored that Noor decided we were the right option for her unique learning journey.

I chose SET High because it was a small school with caring staff. If someone asked me why they should attend SET, I would tell them that they can receive more personalized, one-on-one instruction, have a greater say in school affairs, and meet kind people.”

Love Physics & Computer Science

Little known fact: our Founder & Principal, Dr. Neil McCurdy, is passionate about Computer Science. We are proud that our 2023 valedictorian loves the sciences, including computer coding, too.

“I loved Physics because we got to do many experiments like making bottle rockets and building cars using mousetraps. I didn’t find the coursework too hard and I liked making things and watching them work in action. I loved Computer Science because I had never really taken a coding class before and I actually learned a lot of basics about how computers work. The information I learned in the class was simple enough for someone with no prior experience like me to understand but relevant enough for me to remember it today.”

Passion Fuels Learning

“The motto passion fuels learning rings true in my experience at SET High because I’ve taken electives from teachers who are really passionate about what they are teaching, by extension making me more engaged in learning. For example, while Mr. Montello was teaching Drawing, I learned a lot of things that were not necessarily related to just drawing but all sorts of arts. For example, I made a blueprint of leaves from scratch and learned about this whole new type of art because the teacher was passionate about exploring different mediums and the ways science has to do with that. Learning more unconventional methods of art from this class was a surprising and beneficial experience for me.”

Social Responsibility & Good Citizenship

At SET High we believe it’s just as important to learn how to be a compassionate member of society as it is to be a free-thinker and mindful change-maker. Our students engage in community service projects as part of their learning journey.

“One service learning project that I embraced while at SET was making homeless hygiene kits. There were others from my community mosque who helped and we were able to pack 200 kits in less than an hour. This experience taught me that we can help people in need have the bare minimum necessities really easily if we choose to do so and collaborate with others.”

Intentionally Achieving

We’re excited to announce that Noor was recently accepted into UCSD where she will be majoring in Cognitive Science! Part of her academic success is due to her dedication to taking courses at Mesa College for two years while in high school at SET High. Congratulations, Noor!

“Achieving Valedictorian is a nice reward for the time I’ve spent on schoolwork and I am proud of myself. I strove for this achievement by taking mostly honors classes in high school and intentionally dedicating time and effort to assignments.”

Thank you, Noor! We’re looking forward to our graduation ceremony to hear your heart-warming inspirational speech. Please keep in touch with your lifelong learning journey.

Student’s like Noor mirror back to us that we are achieving our mission to prepare students to thrive both personally and professionally in an increasingly global, technology-driven society. If you would like to get SETUP for academic success too, join us at SET High. We’re always looking to influence the next generation of innovators, dreamers, and positive changemakers. Enroll for Fall 2023 today!

About SET High 

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly qualified  teachers. Students build a healthy camaraderie with classmates inside an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out their talents and personality, helping them develop their individual character and direction in life. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed their academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!